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195 Washington Street
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Check us out on YouTube. Will be starting some more videos soon! PKMotorCarsYouTube

PK Motor Cars is going green. Our decision to purchase and use a steam cleaner for our car detail was not just for the environmental benefits. The steam cleaner is amazingly efficient in removing dirt, killing bacteria and germs. It is extremely safe and powerful. This machine is being used even by the most expensive car brands around the world. Check out DupraySteamCleaner and DuprayYouTube

A good emergency item to keep in your trunk is the Slime Quick Tire Inflator. Repairs punctures and inflates in seconds. Check it out SlimeQuickTireInflator

What is your car worth?

Websites such as NADA help determine the value of your current vehicle. Check out NADA Once you have an idea of what your car is worth check if it is mechanically sound. Does it make noise, how does it drive, does it need repairs... . The body of the vehicle is also important. Does it have dents, rust or scratches? Depending on those basic factors a dealer can calculate the value of your vehicle. Be reasonable with yourself. If you think your vehicle is worth more than what your being offered try to sell it yourself that way you can use the money for your next ride.

They do an excellent job. I was very pleased with their work!! Just make sure to drop your car off and come back when it's done as it takes a long time...........BUT THAT BEING SAID THEY DID ACCOMMODATE ME BY LETTING ME WATCH MOVIES IN THE OFFICE. I HAD NEVER HAD MY CAR DETAILED BEFORE AND I FIGURED I WOULD JUST WAIT A FEW HOURS THEY ARE VERY THOROUGH AND TAKE THEIR TIME WHICH IS TO THE BENEFIT OF YOU!! THEY ARE EXCELLENT!! October 07, 2014 Reply Tweet

People were receptive and welcoming~ and flexible! Excellent service~ car done beautifully! I will definitely go back there again! October 16, 2014

Bought my first car at this dealership. The process was really smooth. Not only was I approved with no prior credit history the bank included a 2 year warranty for my car. Nice young people to deal with.

I bought my Lexus ES300 at PK Motor Cars for a very good price. Even though I had bad credit they found me a bank that was willing to finance me and I picked up the car the same day. Great place, no pressure will definitely recommend.

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